Ray T self-portrait in chef jacket-1


My name is Ray Toves.  I am a professional photographer, classically trained chef, and food business entrepreneur.  (More info is available in my profile.)

All the food posts on this blog were prepared, styled, and photographed by me.  I started this blog Sept. 5, 2016 in response to requests for recipes for the food in my  photographs posted on my website (www.raytovesphotography.com) and on my Instagram feed (@whatscookingat_rays).  Having this blog will make it much easier for those interested in the recipes to view them at their convenience.

In addition to recipes my blog posts will include at least a “before” photo of mise-en-place (list of ingredients) for the respective dish, and an “after” showing the final plated dish.

My cooking can best be described as “where tradition meets today’s tastes”; classic, traditional dishes from around the world updated for modern tastes.  You’re welcome to post questions in the comment section.

Once again you may view my photography on my website (www.raytovesphotography.com) and my Instagram feed (@whatscookingat_rays).

Thanks again.


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