Spanish Chorizo

Spanish Chorizo


My next three posts will feature these three types of Spanish chorizo.  The one on the far left is a beef only version produced by Cacciatore Brothers, an Italian market, and deli in Tampa, Florida.  The far right is also from them but is a beef and pork version.  The one in the center is the very dense Marca el Rey chorizo, made here in the U.S. and popular in the Philippines, Guam and some parts of the U.S.  These chorizo sausages are made in the Chorizo de Bilbao style with paprika, garlic, cumin, pepper, sugar, and oregano.  Authentic Chorizo de Bilbao is made with only pork, however.  Bilbao is a city in the Basque region of Spain.

  • Beef only chorizo from Cacciatore Brothers has less fat and drier; this generally leads to it breaking down during cooking.
  • The beef and pork chorizo from Cacciatore Brothers has more fat and denser than the beef only variety so will stay intact but only with short, low heat cooking.
  • The denser Marca el Rey chorizo will hold it’s shape with any type of cooking.  (This is also the chorizo that I grew up eating.)

Each one’s cooking characteristic is the main factor in my choice of dish they will be used in.




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